Domain Ownership.


At we stive to constantly make things better and give you our customer piece of mind while working with us. Your website is hosted with our partner EUKhost, and we have been doing business with them for over 10 years now. They host your domain, email, and store your website files on a server which we rent.

In the unlikelihood that things go wrong we do have procedures in place. One of them is domain ownership, while we look after the domain on your behalf you are the rightful own of it and your details are stored on the system in case of something happening either to the company Geeky Designs Ltd or the Director. The other appointed person on the hosting account can be contacted here if needed.

Please see a letter from EUKhost explaining things and what to do in case the worst happens. EUKhost hold your details on file as the legal owner of the

domain and website we just simply look after it for you and maintain it.

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